Developing with the Particle Photon

The Particle Photon is a new microcontroller aimed at enabling easy development for the internet-of-things. Here I talk about the development experience and put together an internet-activated remote for my air conditioner.

Backbone.Hoard - XHR Consolidation and Caching for Backbone

Using Backbone.Hoard to Spare Your Server and Sanity

While working on user-generated workspaces (dashboard applications) at Conductor, I realized that many requests were being made to the same server endpoint, often at the same time.

Evolving an Architecture - The Steady March Toward Marionette

Learn how Conductor engineers gradually refactored a large Backbone Application to use Marionette and how Marionette’s added structure enhances communication between complex components.

Working with Simplex Noise

Simplex noise is a method for generating smoothly changing pseudo-random numbers that can be used for procedural content generation. This post explains how to harness simplex noise to achieve nice whispy noise like the image above.